Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shepherd's Bush

I went to my all time favorite LNS yesterday, Shepherd's Bush. I love wandering in that store and looking at all their wonderful charts and everything on the walls. The only thing is for the first time ever I felt like they failed me. I went in for 3 very specific things and came out with only one of the three. How disappointing!! I went in for the items I needed to finish up my Stoney Creek Mini Series "Spring".

I needed to get Waterlilies Celadon, didn't have it. The Colorwash 519, don't sell Colorwash. The final item I needed was Glissen Gloss blending filament, (score!) something I needed. I also purchased some embroidery scissors. I love the little decorated scissors and these were only $5. I will probably purchase more at a later date. The ones I got was the little blue and white ones.

Because they didn't have the things I needed I had to make a purchase from 123stitch. I love their website but I tried to support my LNS first and even though I wasn't able to find everything doesn't mean I won't be going back. They were eager for my business and was going to order the items but because I'm really close to a finish (first one in a loooooong time) and I know that 123stitch will have my order to me by Saturday or Monday latest. (Living within an hour from them means that I get a real quick delivery time, not to mention that they have a real quick delivery time anyway). I decided to order from there instead of waiting.

I will be making a scissor fob for these scissors as they are quite small and I will lose them really quick without one. I will also be making a scissor case because the tips are quite sharp. But they are really cute!

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  1. Hello

    Just found your blog.

    That design looks lovely, what a shame you couldn't find what you needed at your LNS.

    Gorgeous scissors, very pretty.