Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shepherd's Bush

I went to my all time favorite LNS yesterday, Shepherd's Bush. I love wandering in that store and looking at all their wonderful charts and everything on the walls. The only thing is for the first time ever I felt like they failed me. I went in for 3 very specific things and came out with only one of the three. How disappointing!! I went in for the items I needed to finish up my Stoney Creek Mini Series "Spring".

I needed to get Waterlilies Celadon, didn't have it. The Colorwash 519, don't sell Colorwash. The final item I needed was Glissen Gloss blending filament, (score!) something I needed. I also purchased some embroidery scissors. I love the little decorated scissors and these were only $5. I will probably purchase more at a later date. The ones I got was the little blue and white ones.

Because they didn't have the things I needed I had to make a purchase from 123stitch. I love their website but I tried to support my LNS first and even though I wasn't able to find everything doesn't mean I won't be going back. They were eager for my business and was going to order the items but because I'm really close to a finish (first one in a loooooong time) and I know that 123stitch will have my order to me by Saturday or Monday latest. (Living within an hour from them means that I get a real quick delivery time, not to mention that they have a real quick delivery time anyway). I decided to order from there instead of waiting.

I will be making a scissor fob for these scissors as they are quite small and I will lose them really quick without one. I will also be making a scissor case because the tips are quite sharp. But they are really cute!

Friday, April 2, 2010

April Snow and Spring Showers

Here we go another snow shower! I'm constantly amazed by people who live in Utah. I went into a store the other day and the person helping me was complaining because it was once again snowing. She wanted it to be spring already. People let me tell you it is early April, snow is expected!!!! And in this case still desired! I know I'm strange but I love Utah in the early spring. One day it is nice and warm (not too warm) the next we can have snow! The snow doesn't last long and makes the world beautiful again. Soon we will have the beautiful flowers and the world turning green. So let's continue with our beautiful spring weather for another month. Come May we can have our good spring weather.

I'm also back to posting after my tonsilectomy. Don't do this!! It is not fun! I think I would rather have child birth again. I have been in pain for the last two weeks. Hopefully it helped and I will start to sleep better soon.

On the stitching front not much done. I have progressed to page two on Aquamarine and done maybe 500 stitches on it but no more. I might just have to stick in a small here and there to have a sense of accomplishment but I do still really enjoy working on my HAED.

Enjoy your spring!!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Snow and other Things

As I drove in to work today it was SNOWING! As in coming down extremely hard! It was almost a whiteout! I have to tell you I love snow! I love everything about snow with the possible exception of the cold that snow is! But then again it is just a great excuse to curl up with a good book and a nice warm blanket and read. I didn't expect quite this much snow however, because yesterday it got to a nice springlike temperature of 50 degrees outside. Beautiful. I guess that's just spring time in Utah.

Next week I will be having my tonsils out. Can you believe that someone in her late 40's needs her tonsils out. I can't but my tonsils have been causing me some problems lately and the doc decided that it was time for them to come out. I know that I will be miserable for quite some time and we shall see how long it takes me to recover. I sincerely hope that I can get some cross-stitching time in while I'm away from work for 1 week.

Stitching wise I'm still working on my "Aquamarine" from HAED. It is beautiful but I need so much blues. I had to go and buy out 931 from Michaels today. I am still purchasing the thread needed for this project but once I have her completely kitted I will post pictures. I've got about 1/3 of the first page completed on her and will post pictures tonight.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes it's my birthday, another year older and not much to show for it! I have a few goals for the next year:

1. Lose some weight, ideally 75 lbs. but at least 30.
2. Post weekly on my blog.
3. Actually accomplish some stitching projects. (My current project is Aquamarine a HAED by Rachel Anderson) I actually like this one a lot and would love to get all the birthstone ones or at least the ones with my DD's birthdays.

Little changes, little goals but we shall see what happens!

Friday, February 26, 2010

My 15 Project Challenge

I keep telling myself that I need to start a 15 project challenge and then just one more project rears it gorgeous face and I can't decide where I want to start with this. So on March 11, 2010 I will have it all settled in my mind. Why March 11, well because that is my birthday and while I don't like admitting that I'm old (I'll be 47) I'm getting there and I want to start this year fresh. I decided that I will set some goals for myself and stick to them. They will be easy goals things I know that I can accomplish. I will post more about that as the next couple of weeks progresses but this I know I need to start weeding out my stash and finishing up projects. Stay Tuned!!



Monday, February 22, 2010

BRRRR! Baby it's Cold Outside

Hello all,

Well lately I haven't done much more than cough! It's been a really bad week for me. I started coughing last Sunday and really haven't stopped much since then. The Dr. gave me some cough medicines and neither have really helped. One helps me sleep at night and the other one has mellowed the cough. I really wish I could stop coughing long enough to get more stitching in!

It is really cold here in Utah!! I woke up (LATE) to frost seemingly at least an inch thick. By the time I made it half way to work my heater finally kicked in and make it nice and warm in the car. (20 min. after I left for work). We are looking for a huge heat wave this afternoon. Yes folks it might get up to 35C . We shall see.

Stitching wise not much to show so there are no pictures this morning.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Newest Blog I'm Following

I just wanted to make mention of the newest blog I'm following. It is the Staker's Exposed. I read about this [almost] tragic accident on our local news station. In the blog there was this link to Bronson's story. What an awe-inspiring story! It is also extremely faith building. I just had to mention it here because it so renewed my faith in Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father who loves each one of us. Thank you for telling your story!! If you would like to read Bronson's story you can see it here.



Well, its not near as much as the east coast is getting and I'm grateful for that but the last two mornings I have driven to work in a snow storm! Yeah! I love snow and always grateful to get more snow!

Cross-stitching wise I was able to actually start on a purple-y color for my project. I know that I messed up just a little bit and will now be doing some frogging on this project but I WON'T BE RESTARTING IT!!! As in previous posts I have mentioned that every time I start a project I have restarted the same project a couple of times before putting it aside forever. My goal is to have the 3 wonderful projects that I have started in the last month finished sometime this year. Once they are finished I will move on to other starts. My goal is to actually have some ready for framing by the end of the year.

Pictures soon I promise


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pink, Pink and more Pink!

I know I haven't mentioned before that I like pink, or least I really used too. I have been working on the freebie from HAED, I love the cute little penguins seen here. They really are adorable but the problem is that there are 5 colors of pink on the part I've worked on so far. With many many more to go. I think that once this project is done I will not want to see another pink thread for at least 50 years! (Okay maybe more like 50 hours, or 50 minutes LOL!) . I will try and post a pic this weekend.


Confessions Time

I'm a serial starter! Did you ever wonder how a person can become a serial starter? I'm here to tell you that for me it is a totally easy thing to do.

For instance in this past month alone I have started 3 projects (2 of them more than once). I will find a pattern I love and start stitching on it. I will get going so far and then for some reason I put it down and start another one. (Did I mention this is confession time?) Let me explain in greater detail. I started the freebie from xs-collectibles for January. I love this one and think when and if I finally get it finished it will be gorgeous! So I started January, I get so far and then for some reason I don't like how it is sitting on the fabric, or I messed up a color, the list can go on and on for me. (Usually it is that I don't like how it is sitting on the fabric, the size is not quite right blah, blah, blah....) So for one reason or another the project is set aside, but because I like this one so much, I have restarted it 3 times. Different sized fabric has been the restarting point for me, (at least on this project). It's aggravating to me, but I just can't seem to stop!

Okay so this is the reason for the change. I have decided here and NOW no more starts without finishes!!!!! Now this is going to be the reason for this blog. I need in encouragement, but more importantly I need assurances, assurances that what I see happening is not really happening. I need people to look at the projects I'm doing and telling me "its starting to look really good" or hey it doesn't look as bad as you think.

The three projects that I want to accomplish in the next 2-3 months are all freebies. The first two are from xs-collectibles and the third is the latest from HAED. I love all of these and want to get them finished. Please help me on this journey. TIA!!!