Friday, February 12, 2010


Well, its not near as much as the east coast is getting and I'm grateful for that but the last two mornings I have driven to work in a snow storm! Yeah! I love snow and always grateful to get more snow!

Cross-stitching wise I was able to actually start on a purple-y color for my project. I know that I messed up just a little bit and will now be doing some frogging on this project but I WON'T BE RESTARTING IT!!! As in previous posts I have mentioned that every time I start a project I have restarted the same project a couple of times before putting it aside forever. My goal is to have the 3 wonderful projects that I have started in the last month finished sometime this year. Once they are finished I will move on to other starts. My goal is to actually have some ready for framing by the end of the year.

Pictures soon I promise


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