Monday, February 22, 2010

BRRRR! Baby it's Cold Outside

Hello all,

Well lately I haven't done much more than cough! It's been a really bad week for me. I started coughing last Sunday and really haven't stopped much since then. The Dr. gave me some cough medicines and neither have really helped. One helps me sleep at night and the other one has mellowed the cough. I really wish I could stop coughing long enough to get more stitching in!

It is really cold here in Utah!! I woke up (LATE) to frost seemingly at least an inch thick. By the time I made it half way to work my heater finally kicked in and make it nice and warm in the car. (20 min. after I left for work). We are looking for a huge heat wave this afternoon. Yes folks it might get up to 35C . We shall see.

Stitching wise not much to show so there are no pictures this morning.

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